murimage Photo Wallpaper Sand Stones

murimage Photo Wallpaper Sand Stones

murimage Photo Wallpaper Sand Stones

You are purchasing a beautiful and timeless murimage artwork for your interiors. Whether you decorate walls, doors, or furniture – design your home as lively as you can imagine.


  • Wallpaper in the size of 366 x 254cm
  • 8 parts – each part is 91.5 x 127cm (width x height)
  • Installation instruction
  • Free of charge: paste powder

Wallpaper Sheets

The sheets are cut properly so that two parts overlap each other by 5mm. When pasted, the elements will swell several millimeters. For a perfect result, let all of them soak for 5 minutes.

NOTE: Please sort the sheets before mounting! They are numbered on the front bottom right. The numbering is covered during bonding by the overlapping parts of the paper and will be invisible.


For the decoration, the following accessories are recommended:

  • Wallpaper brush
  • Wallpapering roll
  • Bucket and water to mix the enclosed paste (see instruction)
  • Folding rule, pencil & spirit level
  • Wallpaper knife / cutter
  • We recommend working on a pasting table

Handy Hint

Ask a friend to help with the mounting as this will be much easier. The surface (wall, door, piece of furniture, etc.) must be free of dirt, dust, silicone, and oil-based paints and latex paint. You can trim the wallpaper easily with a cutter after mounting directly on the wall.

If you have any questions, feel free to use the murimage WhatsApp customer service +49 157 73958649.

About this item

PHOTO WALLPAPER SAND STONES – MADE IN GERMANY: This high-quality murimage wallpaper is made in Germany. The colors are brilliant, lightfast, and odorless, making it 100% suitable for your living spaces. Easy decorating with supplied paste.

Scope of Delivery

You are receiving the murimage Photo Wallpaper Sand Stones 366 x 254 cm: 8 parts, each 91.5 x 127 cm (width x height) including paste for adhering, as well as an installation instruction explaining the decorating step by step.


We are shipping with PRIME. This guarantees the quickest possible delivery of your wallpaper.

WhatsApp Customer Service

Direct contact via WhatsApp +49 157 73958649

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee you purchasing this murimage wallpaper on at the best price with us! If you discover that product for a better price, we will refund the difference.

Premium Quality

Ecological printing with lightfast, waterproof colors and high color brilliance. Odorless – therefore ideal for living, sleeping, and children’s rooms and all interiors. Decorating: You are achieving the best result with the included special paste and the installation instruction. The paste is applied to the wallpaper parts and these are glued to the dry wall surface and smoothed.

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