YookidooBaby Bath Toy – Submarine Spray Whale

YookidooBaby Bath Toy – Submarine Spray Whale

YookidooBaby Bath Toy – Submarine Spray Whale

Introducing the YookidooBaby Bath Toy – Submarine Spray Whale, the perfect toy to make bath time more enjoyable for your little one. This battery operated water pump toy is designed to recycle water, providing a safe and fun experience for children.


Battery Operated Water Pump

The Submarine Spray Whale is equipped with a water circulation pumping system that draws water from the tub and recycles it, ensuring that no water is wasted. This eco-friendly feature not only saves water but also provides a continuous stream of water for your child to play with.

Easy to Grip Hand Shower

The diver shower head is specially designed for easy grip and activation by small hands. Your child can easily direct the water flow at the whale and watch it float and swim like a real whale. This interactive feature adds excitement to bath time and encourages independent play and exploration.

Cool Spraying Action

By running the water flow into the floating whale, your child can create a cool spraying action. This not only adds a fun element to bath time but also teaches children cause and effect processes. They will learn concepts such as full/empty, float/sink, and develop their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination while playing with the toy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the toy safe for children?

Yes, the YookidooBaby Bath Toy – Submarine Spray Whale is made from non-toxic materials and is designed with the safety of children in mind. The water pump system is battery operated and does not require any electrical connections near water.

2. How do I clean the toy?

The toy can be easily cleaned by rinsing it with water. It is recommended to clean the toy after each use to ensure proper hygiene.

3. What age is this toy suitable for?

This toy is suitable for children aged 12 months and above. It is designed to be easy to grip and operate, making it perfect for young children.


The YookidooBaby Bath Toy – Submarine Spray Whale is a must-have toy for bath time. Its unique features, such as the water recycling system and interactive spraying action, make it a fun and educational toy for children. Get one for your child today and make bath time a delightful experience!