YQNUCO 1:72 Large Model Jet Airplane

YQNUCO 1:72 Large Model Jet Airplane

YQNUCO 1:72 Large Model Jet Airplane

Are you a fan of aviation and looking for a unique and high-quality decor piece for your office or home desk? Look no further than the YQNUCO 1:72 Large Model Jet Airplane. This resin aircraft model is not only a stunning decoration but also a perfect gift for aircraft enthusiasts.

High Quality and Details

The aviation model Gulfstream 7500 is made of high-quality resin body, wooden trapezoidal base, and metal bracket. The meticulous details, from the engine plate to the hand-painted effect on the 29 windows, make this airplane model truly stand out. The precise details will make you appreciate the delicate craftsmanship.

True to Scale Model

This aviation model is a 1:72 scale, large diecast airplane model. With a length of 19.7 inches, wingspan of 17.7 inches, and a height of 9 inches, it is a great choice for both decoration and business gifts for those who appreciate private business jets.

Simple Snap-Fit Design

The installation of this model is simple and hassle-free. Just install the wings in the bayonet and fix the base and the fuselage with the special bayonet, and you’ll have a beautifully assembled GLOBAL 7500 Business Jet Aircraft. This business jet, developed in the United States, offers more spacious cabin space than other heavy business aircraft of the same class, and has repeatedly broken flight distance and speed records.

Collectibles Display

This detailed model airplane comes with a base stand ready to display. It makes for a great decoration and collectible, perfect for showcasing at home, office, bookshelf, study, or desk.

Special Creative Gift and Precious Collectibles

Decorate your desktop and showcase your love for aviation with this airplane model. It also makes for a great business gift and is the perfect present for friends, lovers, and model collectors on special days.

  • High-quality resin body
  • Wooden trapezoidal base
  • Metal bracket
  • 1:72 scale
  • Simple snap-fit design
  • Great for decoration and business gifts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the model easy to assemble?

Yes, the model has a simple snap-fit design, making it easy to assemble without any hassle.

Can the model be displayed without the base stand?

Yes, the model can be displayed without the base stand, allowing for versatile display options.


The YQNUCO 1:72 Large Model Jet Airplane is a high-quality and detailed aviation model that is perfect for office or home desk decor. Its true-to-scale design and simple snap-fit assembly make it a great choice for both decoration and business gifts. Whether you’re an aircraft enthusiast or looking for a unique gift, this airplane model is sure to impress.