Viking War Horn | Gjallar Horn by Norse Empire

Viking War Horn | Gjallar Horn by Norse Empire

Viking War Horn | Gjallar Horn by Norse Empire

A handmade, carved Viking war horn with Younger Futhark runes that translate from Old Norse to “Victory Or Valhalla”. The shape and color of each horn are unique and may differ from that in the picture. The technique to sound the horn requires the lips to be pressed together and then pressing air through them. (Instruction Manual Included)

Be a Warrior in Norse Army

We are people of a new age looking to the values of an older one. Join our large Viking community in the US. Interact with fellow Vikings who follow the path of our forefathers. But there is a lot more to the Viking culture. HORNS MAY VARY IN COLOUR – SOME WILL BE DARKER AND SOME WILL BE LIGHTER IN COLOUR.

The Great Gjallar Horn

One of the most prized treasures of gods. Always keeps watching in your neighborhood like Heimdall with this horn in hand. Viking battle horn is a musical instrument used by the ancient Norse warriors during battles and ceremonies. The horn is typically engraved with intricate designs and symbols, and it has a wide, flared opening at one end.

Ancient Sound Engineering

We bring you the horn with ancient technology. Each horn creates an astounding sound that can be heard over long distances. No mouthpiece is used to create this effect. Simply ancient sound engineering.

Best of Craftsmanship

Witness the best craftsmanship in the country. Norse Empire horn is produced with precision to deliver you the best horn. Each one is flame treated and hand-engraved with runes. In Viking culture, the blow cow horn was used to signal the start of a battle, rally the troops, and intimidate the enemy. It was also used in ceremonies and rituals, such as weddings and funerals.


  • Length: 18 inches+
  • Material: Premium Ox Horn
  • Engravings: Younger Futhark Runes
  • Color: Varies

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I sound the Viking war horn?

To sound the horn, press your lips together and blow air through them. The technique is explained in detail in the included instruction manual.

2. Can the horn be used for ceremonies and rituals?

Yes, the Viking war horn is perfect for ceremonies and rituals. Its unique design and ancient sound engineering make it a powerful and symbolic instrument.

3. Is the horn a suitable gift?

Absolutely! Give a present that will be treasured for a lifetime. The Viking war horn is a unique and meaningful gift for anyone interested in Viking culture and history.


Experience the power and beauty of the Viking War Horn by Norse Empire. Handcrafted with precision and engraved with ancient runes, this horn is a prized treasure of the gods. Join our Viking community and be a warrior in the Norse army. Whether for ceremonies, rituals, or as a unique gift, the Viking war horn is sure to leave a lasting impression.