Just Play Pj Masks Headquarters Playset (3″ Multicolour)

Just Play Pj Masks Headquarters Playset (3″, Multicolour)

Just Play Pj Masks Headquarters Playset (3″, Multicolour)

Experience super-sized fun with the Just Play Pj Masks Headquarters Playset. This double-sided playset is inspired by the hit TV show PJ Masks and features three action-packed levels filled with engaging kid-powered features. Get ready for adventure with Catboy and his Cat-Car vehicle!


Double-Sided Playset

The playset is over 2 feet tall and has three character-themed levels. It is double-sided, providing twice the fun for kids. Each level is filled with exciting features that will keep children entertained for hours.

Hanging Rings and Zip Line

One of the levels features hanging rings and a zip line. Kids can send their PJ Masks figures flying through the air, just like in the TV show. It adds an element of excitement and adventure to the playset.

Surprise Ceiling Trap

Another level of the playset has a surprise ceiling trap. Kids can activate it and watch as their PJ Masks figures get caught in the trap. It adds a thrilling twist to the playtime experience.

Lights and Sounds PJ Picture Player

The playset includes a PJ Picture player that plays the PJ Masks Theme Song. Kids can press the button and enjoy the familiar tune while playing with their favorite characters. It enhances the overall playtime atmosphere.

Working Elevator and Winding Vehicle Ramp

The playset has a working elevator that allows the PJ Masks figures to move between all three levels. It adds a realistic touch to the play experience. Additionally, there is a winding vehicle ramp that allows the Cat-Car vehicle to zoom down and join the action.

Pop-Out Exit Hatches

Each level of the playset has pop-out exit hatches. Kids can use them to make their PJ Masks figures escape from dangerous situations or to create new storylines. It encourages imaginative play and storytelling.

Compatibility and Assembly

The PJ Masks Headquarters Playset includes one 3″ Catboy figure and Cat-Car vehicle. It is compatible with all 3″ Figures and Vehicles from the PJ Masks range (sold separately). Some assembly is required, but it is easy to set up and start playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use other PJ Masks figures and vehicles with this playset?

Yes, the playset is compatible with all 3″ Figures and Vehicles from the PJ Masks range. You can collect and add more characters and vehicles to enhance your playtime adventures.

2. Are batteries included?

No, the playset requires 3 X AAA batteries, which are not included. Make sure to have batteries on hand to enjoy the lights and sounds features of the PJ Picture player.

3. What age is this playset suitable for?

The playset is recommended for ages 3 and up. It is designed to provide safe and engaging play for preschoolers and young children.


The Just Play Pj Masks Headquarters Playset is a must-have for fans of the hit TV show. With its double-sided design and three action-packed levels, it offers endless fun and excitement. The engaging kid-powered features, such as hanging rings, zip line, surprise ceiling trap, and working elevator, enhance the play experience. The playset is compatible with other PJ Masks figures and vehicles, allowing kids to expand their collection and create even more adventures. Get ready to join Catboy and his Cat-Car vehicle for super-sized fun!