JOMECA Drop Foot Brace with Arch Support

JOMECA Drop Foot Brace with Arch Support

JOMECA Drop Foot Brace with Arch Support

Targeted Design for Drop Foot

JOMECA Drop Foot Brace aids in recovery and treatment, supporting and stabilizing the ankle and foot. It helps stretch the plantar, compress the arch, and maintain a normal heel-toe pattern when the foot is off the ground. This brace prevents tripping, reduces skin abrasion, and discomfort due to foot dragging. It is especially effective in alleviating drop foot caused by conditions such as MS, TBI, Stroke, Neurological disorders, Nerve injury, and Cerebral palsy.

Comprehensive Optimized Upgrade

The JOMECA Drop Foot Brace features a customized forefoot support plate that braces plantar flexion, supports and secures the forefoot at the precise angle needed to walk, and avoids slapping foot when you land. It also helps stretch the sole of the foot and lift toes, preventing stiffness. The arch bracket offers compression and adjusts foot varus and valgus, effectively improving lower limb balance. The open-heel and toe design increases flexibility, freeing up space for the heel and toes, providing more coziness.

Incomparable Wearing Experience

Say goodbye to complexity with the handy wearing style of putting on the foot arch bracket and fixing it with strong velcro straps for stabilization. The ergonomic design maximizes wrap around the ankle and foot, minimizing looseness. The fine wrapping workmanship resists abrasion, ensuring long-lasting use. The double opening design and perforated fabric bring extra light-footedness to your foot. It is soft enough to fit in shoes without feeling bounded. You can wear it all year round to be your protector.

User-Defined Wearing

The JOMECA Drop Foot Orthotic Brace is made of lightweight soft material and has a foot-fitted design that fits well when worn in shoes or socks without feeling sultry. It can be used in a variety of scenarios, whether you are doing chores around the home, having outdoor activities, or even during sleeping time. It helps reduce foot dragging during walking, preventing skin damage and galling, and also prevents tripping and tiptoeing, saving your effort. Put it on and start a brand new day without a heavy foot.

Sincerely at Your Service

Don’t miss out on the innovative upgrade of the JOMECA Drop Foot Brace. It can be a great gift that makes every step easier. We offer 90 days hassle-free returns. If you have any questions about the product, please do not hesitate to contact us for returns and exchanges. Please check the size chart before purchasing. Remember, action is better than thinking. Click buy now and set out afresh.