ICM 1:35 – Leyland Retriever WWII British Truck (Early)

ICM 1:35 – Leyland Retriever WWII British Truck (Early)

ICM 1:35 – Leyland Retriever WWII British Truck (Early)

Are you a collector of military model kits? If so, then the ICM ICM35602 model kit is a must-have for your collection. This kit features the Leyland Retriever WWII British Truck (Early) in a 1:35 scale. It is a highly detailed and accurate representation of the iconic truck used during World War II.

For Adult Collectors Age 14 and Over

Please note that this model kit is not a toy. It is intended for adult collectors age 14 and over. The intricate details and small parts make it unsuitable for young children. However, if you are a passionate collector or a history enthusiast, this kit will provide you with hours of enjoyment as you assemble and paint it.

Unleash Your Creativity

With the ICM ICM35602 model kit, you have the opportunity to unleash your creativity. The kit comes with various parts that you can assemble and customize according to your preferences. Whether you want to recreate a specific scene from World War II or add your own unique touch, this model kit allows you to do so.

High-Quality Materials

ICM is known for producing high-quality model kits, and the ICM35602 is no exception. The parts are made from durable and sturdy materials, ensuring that your finished model will withstand the test of time. The attention to detail is remarkable, with every component accurately representing the original Leyland Retriever truck.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is this model kit suitable for beginners?
  2. While this kit is recommended for experienced collectors, beginners can also enjoy assembling it with patience and attention to detail. The instructions provided are clear and easy to follow.

  3. Does the kit include paint and glue?
  4. No, the kit does not include paint and glue. You will need to purchase these separately to complete the model.

  5. Can the completed model be displayed?
  6. Absolutely! Once you have finished assembling and painting the model, you can proudly display it in your collection or showcase it in a diorama.


The ICM ICM35602 model kit, featuring the Leyland Retriever WWII British Truck (Early), is a must-have for collectors and history enthusiasts. Its high level of detail, quality materials, and customization options make it a standout choice. Remember, this kit is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors age 14 and over. Unleash your creativity and bring a piece of history to life with this remarkable model kit.