Hawan Puja Holy Ritual Yagya Havan Kande

Hawan Puja Holy Ritual Yagya Havan Kande

Experience the power of traditional Hindu rituals with our organic cow dung hawan kande. Perfect for performing hawan puja and yagya for positive energy.

Product Review

After using the hawan kande for a traditional ritual, I felt a sense of peace and positivity in the environment. The organic cow dung burned cleanly and the fragrance was soothing.

Customer Comment

“I was skeptical at first, but after using this hawan kande, I could feel the difference in the energy of my home. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to bring positive vibes.”


Yes, the hawan kande is made from organic cow dung and is perfect for performing traditional rituals. It is believed to purify the environment and bring positive energy.


The hawan kande is a great choice for anyone looking to perform traditional Hindu rituals and bring positive energy into their lives. The organic cow dung burns cleanly and leaves a soothing fragrance.