Countdown Calendar Christmas 2022

Countdown Calendar Christmas, 2022

Countdown Calendar Christmas, 2022

Are you ready for the most wonderful time of the year? With our 2022 Countdown Advent Calendar Bags, you can make the countdown to Christmas even more exciting! Our DIY Sack Hanging Candy Gift Bags come with Clips and Stickers, making it a fun and interactive way to celebrate the holiday season.


24PCS Advent Calendar Bags

Our set includes 24 high-quality bags, each with a unique design to make every day leading up to Christmas special.

DIY Sack Hanging

You can easily hang the bags anywhere in your home, creating a festive and decorative display.

Candy Gift Bags

Fill each bag with a small treat or gift to surprise your loved ones every day.

Clips and Stickers

Use the clips and stickers to personalize and decorate the bags, adding an extra touch of holiday cheer.


How big are the bags?

Each bag measures 4×6 inches, the perfect size for small gifts and treats.

Can I reuse the bags for next year?

Absolutely! Our durable bags are designed for long-lasting use, so you can enjoy them for many Christmases to come.


Make this Christmas unforgettable with our 2022 Countdown Advent Calendar Bags. Order now and start the countdown to the most magical time of the year!