Cocktail Bubble Maker Kit – Create Smoky Flavors with Ease

Cocktail Bubble Maker Kit – Create Smoky Flavors with Ease

Cocktail Bubble Maker Kit – Create Smoky Flavors with Ease

Due to international logistics and transportation restrictions, our packages do not contain any liquid, wood chips, and only sell smoked bubble guns.

Product Description

Our portable cocktail smokers can give you the same effect at a fraction of the cost and time. It provides a precise smoky effect that helps infuse the smoky flavor into your food without the need for additional heating.

Product Details

  • Name: Smoked Bubble Gun
  • Uses: Make smoked drinks and dishes, create bubble smoke effect.
  • Material: plastic alloy + metal fittings + glass products
  • Size: 30*26*9cm (color box packaging)
  • Precautions: Do not burn without essential oils

Error Prevention

Each time the fume box is replaced, the core material must be cleaned and replaced to avoid odor. It is recommended to separate the different scents and use different essential oil trays and cores.

Error Examples

  1. When adding essential oil to the tank, please pour it into the outer cavity, never into the middle vent.
  2. Do not pour bubble liquid or other liquids into the hood
  3. Clean the muzzle after use. Do not turn the material upside down to prevent the liquid from flowing inside the bubble gun, and do not pour the bubble liquid into the nozzle


  • The dimensions of the products are all measured manually, and there will inevitably be slight errors.
  • Please refer to the actual product; some bubbles are normal.
  • Only Smoked Bubble Gun are sold, other items in the pictures are just decorations.


Enjoy a delicious and visually creative experience. Large-capacity fog chamber that produces more smoke quickly, ideal for cocktails or molecular cooking. And can be used as a smoking gun to quickly smoke all kinds of food.

One-button operation, no need for an open flame, simple and stable foaming. Or produce a strong cold smoke that is easily absorbed by food and drink, resulting in a soft smoky flavor.

Powered by USB charging, can be used anywhere; suitable for your home kitchen, bar, restaurant or outdoor use, such as BBQ, picnic, hiking, fishing, etc.

Meat, Fish, Cheese, Pasta, Whiskey, Cocktails – Add a smoky flavor to almost any food or drink. No heat is used. Enjoy natural and authentic smoked food or drink.

Every time you change, you need to clean the cigarette case and replace the wick to avoid odor. It is recommended to separate different fragrances and use different essential oil bins and cores.