C8 Corvette Sunvisor Label Cover – Set of 4 Decals

C8 Corvette Sunvisor Label Cover – Set of 4 Decals

C8 Corvette Sunvisor Label Cover – Set of 4 Decals

Hate Those Ugly Stickers? Those ugly yellow warning stickers would look a lot better if they weren’t on your visors, but unfortunately they are pretty much permanent…UNTIL NOW! These easy to apply “peel & stick” sun visor warning label covers give your interior the clean appearance you want by covering those unsightly yellow labels permanently.

Product Description

Sold as a set of 4, this C8 Corvette sunvisor label cover comes in Onyx Black knit. Each set includes 2 decals for each sunvisor, allowing you to cover the unsightly yellow warning stickers and give your interior a sleek and clean look. The covers have no logos and are plain, blending seamlessly with the visors.


  • Set of 4 decals
  • Onyx Black knit
  • Easy to apply “peel & stick”
  • Covers unsightly yellow warning labels
  • Plain design with no logos


Are these covers easy to apply?

Yes, these covers are designed to be easily applied with a simple “peel & stick” method.

Will the covers leave any residue when removed?

No, these covers are designed to be removed cleanly without leaving any residue on the visors.

Do the covers come in different colors?

Currently, these covers are available in Onyx Black knit.


Say goodbye to those unsightly yellow warning stickers on your C8 Corvette sun visors with this set of 4 Onyx Black knit label covers. Easy to apply and designed to give your interior a clean and sleek appearance, these covers are the perfect solution to cover up those ugly stickers permanently.